Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to step up

Right now, I am enjoying an endorphin high from my step aerobic session. If you know me well enough you'd say, "nothing new!" And if you know me long enough, you'd know one of my dreams is to become a fitness instructor. Yeah, someday. So what makes today special is that I choreographed one hour of step aerobics myself.

I have always dreamed of being fit but for most of my life spent more time just dreaming and complaining of the lack of it. I used my studies as an excuse. Lack of time and opportunity..more excuses. But in the last few years, I have taken actual steps to incorporate exercise into my daily life. I have still not attained the fitness level of my dreams but inch closer to it everyday.

Among other factors, attending the group fitness classes in the school gym has been helping me get fit. Previously, I never found these classes appealing but am a believer now. It is fun to exercise in a group and the instructors just know how to make us get our muscles moving- even ones that we never flexed before. My favorite is step aerobics class by Katie.

Unfortunately, this semester, I have another commitment at the same time as the step class and so will be missing it for four months. My other big problem with making group fitness classes a major part of my exercise routing is that when the gym closes during the holidays I have no where to go.

So last weekend, I purchased an used aerobic step and four risers for $25 from a 'Play it again' store. And today I tried it out for the first time. I tuned into Pandora's Club/Dance genre station and stepped away. I used the reflection in my window as a mirror to feel like I was in the gym's studio. It was one hour of sweat and happiness.

I have come to the conclusion that while doing research you need something to let your steam out on and also, a sort of addiction to take away the pain of it all. I have become addicted to the endorphins from my workouts and get quite depressed if I don't exercise for a couple of days. Well now, I can rest assured of getting my fix whenever I need it :D

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edmund said...

Hey Nic,

Just the apt pandora for you keep on fixing and getting the optimum and may your fitness instructor's dreams come true.....after all ur priority dreams come true....