Friday, February 13, 2009

Rachel getting married - the movie

I watched this movie because I am a Anne Hatheway fan and was expecting a feel good movie of the likes of 'Devil wears Prada'. But I was in for a surprise. Don't worry, no spoilers her for any of you who are planning to watch it.

A few things about the movie... The movie is different from mainstream Hollywood productions -it has a documentary style to it. The wedding is not your traditional American wedding. To tell the truth, I began to get impatient at the start of the movie. But then the movie slowly takes you through heart wrenching emotions-the performances are brilliant to a point where you can deeply feel the emotions being portrayed. Needless to say it made me cry. Hatheway deserves an Oscar nomination for the role.

If you have watched it or do so in the future, I am eager to know how you felt about it.

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