Monday, February 1, 2010

So random

Had a hectic weekend that included driving to Delaware for my sister's TOEFL test, eating the most delicious ribs, a slow drive back in the snow, job applications, early spring cleaning, cooking frittata, the Grammy's, and being woken by the fire alarm. Some of these deserve more than a mention...

Big D's Pizza and Barbecue at 3634 Old Capitol Trail, Marshallton DE 19808. We found this small shop along the way that serves the most delicious, fall-of-the-bone good, hot ribs! The place has won several awards for it's food. If you are ever in the area or driving on I95 in Delaware, you got to check it out.

Frittata: Tried out a new recipe this weekend and it turned out to be delicious. Check out this recipe if your looking to trying something new. Was my first time cooking Kale and it is now my favorite green leafy vegetable.

Sigh, Taylor Swift won the best album of the year at the Grammy's! She defeated Lady Gaga, Black eyed-peas, Dave Mathews Band, and Beyonce! What is this world coming to? BTW, Jon Bon Jovi performed Livin on a Prayer and it rocked.

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