Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mumbai Stories on CNNGo

Recently, came across CNNGo on CNN's online newsite. This section has a compilation of the local happenings and chatter in some of the biggest cities in Asia. They have a long list of articles on Mumbai here. Most articles tell a tale of a city that is largely unknown to me. Mumbai is changing so fast and isn't the city I remember living in seven years ago.

Celebrating the wallah and walli of Mumbai's streets
is one article that I can relate to completely. The article truly describes the heart of the city in all the wallahs and wallis. Some of the others that were a daily part of our lives were the kachre (garbage) walli, bhel puri (local chaat guy) wallah, dhood (milk) wallah and pav (bread) wallah. One thing is for sure though; don't remember saying recycle wallah, instead we quite literally called him the batli (bottle) paper wallah.

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