Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best thing you ever ate

These days I have been watching a lot of food shows...the likes of Iron Chef. Now, food network has this new show called 'The Best Thing I ever ate'. On the show they ask chefs and food critics about the best thing they ever ate in a particular category, for instance salty. And then the show takes you to the restaurant where they ate this food.

On one show, Iron Chef Michael Symon said something like this...A great dish is one that makes you change the way you feel about that food. Here are some recent foods that changed how I felt...

Ahi at Venice Beach, CA and Eel sushi at Sushi me, Bellevue, WA- I never felt comfortable eating uncooked food but these made me change my mind

Steak at Culver city, LA- Though I am a beef lover, never got it right with steak but I cannot forget this dish

Hot pot, China Road, Syracuse- I don't believe in having to cook my own food at a restaurant but definitely will make an exception for this one. The dish involves a hot pot of spicy brew which is placed on your table and you can add different meats to it and eat it with sauces that you can blend yourself

Burger at Petit Toulouse, WA- just the very best burger I have had

Mantwo and Dwopiaza at Helmand- the blend of spices and perfectly cooked dishes have biwitched me...I just can't stop thinking about it

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