Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ever wondered what French fries are called in France?

Frites! And the French are curious about the name cause 'French fries' actually originated in Belgium :D


Merwyn said...

What about the French Kiss!! Where did that term originate! I doubt it was en France since they eat so much garlic :P

Merwyn said...

When's the next installment coming? The anticipation is killing :D

nic said...

hehehe....So, I did some research on the origin of the term and found two seems like its just the notion that people have about the French that has lead to naming it the French kiss. People also use the term 'pardon my French' when they swear. So you get the idea.

The other possible origin is because of the inhabitants of a French region of Brittany that kissed in the 'French' way.