Monday, June 16, 2008


Last weekend I bought a bike- check it out!

So my bike introduced me to the river. There are paths along on the river open to only bikers, skaters, and pedestrians. The view is simply spectacular.

Oh how I envied them....I so hope to get to kayak down the river!

Well after getting lost a couple of times trying to find the river, I discovered a way to get to the river from right behind my apartment complex.

The path took me closer to the mountains and along fields.

Was getting chilly ...brrrr.......I hope to venture further into the villages on a sunny day.


Merwyn said...

Nice pics of the bike and the city... But no pics of you!?!

Aarti said...

Lovely pics ..So wish I could kayak down that river too ..

nic said...

aarti, you come here and we can kayak together...i wont be scared to be with you in the same boat this would be difficult for you to row in the opposite direction on this river :P the current is quite strong....