Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Music

Last two weeks have been super busy, packed with wonderful experiences and many new friends. After the fete de la Musique two weeks ago, I have had a couple of musical experiences.

An Italian friend introduced me to the underground concerts here in the city. One Saturday evening, we went to this concert where two bands played. One played trash music....very harsh and loud and I thought I'd go deaf...but entertaining nonetheless. And they were followed by another band, about whom the most interesting part was...the bass was provided using a tuba (i think thats the name, check out the pic). Was a very nice evening- great conversation, local beer and loud music :P

Also, Morcheeba gave a free concert last Thursday in the city- I had never heard their music before and the tempo was too slow for me initially but then I began to like it and will be listening to their music from now on and I am now a fan of the lead guitarist.

The concert was at the Parc Mistral and below is picture of the Tour Perret at the park taken on another lazy Sunday evening. This was the luckiest spot in the made me 1.5 euros richer :D

The same evening I tasted the most delicious chorizo pizza ever and the sausage a very similar flavor to our Goan chorizo.

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